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Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica

Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica's latest Monaco V4 watch has brought a huge amount of relief to all fans of the brand. It is because the creation of the watch shows that Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica has not given up on producing high-end horological watches, as some people had feared. Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica's Monaco V4 Phantom is distinguished for its dark gray and black appearance, and more so by the use modern materials not only in its case but also when it comes to the construction of its movement. The yet-to-be released novelty will be available in a 50 piece limited edition and will cost around $47,000.

TAG's discontinuation of high-horology watches is a result of events that occurred about a year back. The new head of the LVMH Group, which owns Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica and other brands, announced at that time that the watchmaker would focus all of its production on creating more affordable mechanical clocks. These watches will fall into the "entry-level" category and be priced between 1,500 and 3,000 Swiss Francs, which is roughly the same price when expressed in US dollars. The production of more complex pieces would be discontinued.(www.hellopanerai.com)

The management of the brand did not completely follow through, as can be seen by the new Monaco V4 Phantom. The Monaco V4 is the same designation as that which first appeared on the brand's offering eleven years ago. The first timepiece of this type was created with a belt driven movement. This arrangement uses ultra-thin, microscopically toothed belts to drive the caliber instead of the traditional pinion and gear solution. These belts have microscopically-toothed teeth and are only 0.07mm wide. The belts are linear and they move along a rail with ball bearings. Its "V" part comes from the way that the twin barrels of this engine are arranged in the form of the letter V. They are also angled at +/-13 degrees, and in some ways resemble an engine on a racing vehicle.

The dark colors of the new Phantom watch are what makes it stand out. The watch is a fine example of a high-tech material called Carbon Matrix composite. To make components from this material, which is sometimes abbreviated as CMC, one must use a specific technique. Carbon fibers must be placed in a specific direction within the mould, and then micro-blasted. The material is given a unique appearance by the manufacturer, which they call matte black vertically brushed. Like all high-tech substances, the matte substance is extremely resilient while also being exceptionally light.

It is not the first instance that watches bearing the Monaco V4 designation have composite housing. It is the first use of Carbon Matrix Composite, a new material that was only developed a few years ago, in the construction of the caliber or, to be precise, its seven bridges. The dial is skeletonized and the CMC has a dark appearance. Other components follow a similar design.Rolex Datejust Replica You can see the Superluminova anthracite coating on the hands and the titanium carbide on the screws and indices. The rubies are the only thing that makes the dial stand out against the black and gray of the face.